23rd November 2015

                                           enjoying the squid while waiting for the bus!!

                                                      Me and Manoel!!! DISSSSS


first of all this week has been awesome!! our two families are doing SO well! they loved church yesterday!
the first is the family of J and R. they have two kids. a 16 yr old girl called S and a 7 yr old boy called A. they are a super awesome family and usually when we teach them the dad J and S cry, they are super sensetive to the spirit!! and S has been asking questions about a mission too!! im so happy for them.
the second family is A and E. they have a 13 yr old daughgter called A. they too are progressing super well and they have all decided for themselves they want to get baptised.
now our next task is to just get both families married!!
had an incredible experience with fasting last week. A didnt want to get married at all until he has his own house, like a ´´man´´ thing or something haha. well me and my comp did a fast for the lord to touch his heart and change his mind about waiting to get married intil he got his own house. well we fasted on tuesday and didnt go to their place until thursday. when we went, we started with a prayer, and the first thing his wife said was Ive got news!! we are going to get married!!
hahaha holy heck i almost fell out of my chair i was so speechless!! he was SOOOOOO set on waiting till he got his own house!! so now they are making plans to get maried. thats how bad they want to get baptised!! such an awesome experience! sometimes He answers prayers Super fast, and sometimes not so fast haha. in this case it was so dang quick i was speechless haha.

but thats about it for this week , ill keep you posted on everyone next week!!

love yous all!!

Elder Greener

16th November 2015

 i'm so so so so happy that i got to stay here with my comp!! 
but i think this week has been the best week of my mission so far, really. we have found two incredible families here, something that is kinda rare here, and they are doin SO SO well. One of them is a famly of 4, and the dad is such an awesome person. he is very centralized on his family and has already dropped smoking, drinking and even playing soccer ( like EVERYONE plays soccer here) just to be a better dad and spend more time with his family. i LOVE his family and im so so so gratefull that heavenly father has guided us to people that are actually ready to be baptised. i thaught people like the people i met this week didnt exist!!! but they do!!!!!!!!!! holy heck im so so happy for them. we had both families at church yesterday and they loved church. later on we went round to their houses with the branch pres and they loved him too.
The other family, the dad asked me, ´´i want to join a church to stay, not to leave. i dont want to joke around. what do i need to do to become a follower of jesus christ?´´ i was like HOLY HECK DUDE YOU ARE JUST ASKING ALL THE RIGHT QUESTIONS but i dint really say that haha i just explained to him that i takes a little time to learn all we have to say but if you listen intently and put in practice the things we share with you you wil be able to do just that. he loves all the doctrined of our church and everything, him and his wife are suck lovely people ane he always calls me elder Bill because apparently i look like a famous dude called bill haha.
holy heck im just so happy to work with people that REALy want our help. i have literally never met people like this before and it really is an honour to know and be art of their conversion process. i think it is the blessings of exact obedience.

but thats about it for this week, gotta get flying now but hope yous land back home in safety!!
love yous heaps!!

Love Elder Greener

so i got this wierd thing on my foot, can you tell me what it is?? it like sweats and everything its the weirdest thing

9th November 2015

                       in a members bakery!! he lets us eat bread until we cant eat anymore!!
                                      walking to the cemetary on sunday afternoon
                                                             Fried Root!! 

(about new convert) Yeah shes going REALLY good!!! the branch is helping out HEAPS with making her feel welcome in the church, tonight were gonna do a FHE at her place and invite a couple other members so thats gonna be awesome!
and hey were you able to take any photos of yaya and yayo?? i really wanna see em!!

and i bet tom is liking working at toys are us haha its just a big playground there.

and yeah holy heck jake is home!!! thats so so awesome!!! man i miss him so much but i gotta wait aaaages to see him again.

and yeah im staying here thank goodness!! im so stoked that im not getting transfered just yet, we have started up some english lessons and were gona start this saturday, hopefully we have a big turnout, weve been tellinh heaps of people about it!!

bu tthis week was kinda weird. one of our investigators passed aweay due to brain cancer, on saturday. we went to his daughters place (who is a member too) as soon as we found out to try and help her and her family out. deaths here in brazil are really different from back home, i dunno how to explain it but its super weird, like its something TOO normal here. but i didnt really get too sad because i KNOW that he will accept baptism in the spirit world, we had a date and everything already set for him but he passed awsy before we could baptise him.
but other than that the week has been really chill, weve been working super crazy hard and i think heavenly father is testing us at the moment because everything is going super slow.

so not much has really happened this week but hopefully ill be able to write more next week.

hope everyone is good back home

Love, Elder Greener

3rd November 2015

This is Josi, weve been working with her for about 5 months

                         the baptismal font, a little different from back home

do you know who doctor robert ray is? or mr. hollywood? Hes from  america and hes a SUPER famous dude here in brazil, hes like the best plastic surgeon and works on all the super famous people yeah but hes like 50 hahaha
and hes a member too he came and visited us in our little branch yesterday and EVERYONE wanted photos of him haha. i had never even heard of the guy before yesterday but ye REALLY liked me and my companion haha....he kept his glasses on. and he was like really encouraging me to go to harvard uni because he studied there and apparently they like live people from over seas and like return missionaries and stuff he was bron her in brazil and some mormons adopted him and took him back to the states.  he said hes got like 3 houses in aus.
and he was like telling me about his patriarchal blessing and everything. me and my comp taught gospel principles and we were able to teach him and his friends and like almost the whole branch about exaltation was awesome

                                                                  district meeting
                                           waitin to catch the bus into the centro

holy heck thats so good to hear about the packages from sister lisonbee!!!
but yeah when i get them ill take some photos and show yous what i do and dont have.
and thats sucks i was REALLY looking foreward to some american snacks hahaha ill just have to eat my companions hahaha.

but we finally had a baptism this week like you saw in the photo!! was super cool and the investigator even made a HUGE cake that everyone loved, it lasted just over five mins hahaha everyone destroyed it haha. we worked super hard to bet a lot of people to the baptism and there was a really good turnout, i was so happy with all the members for helping us support the new member, shes fitting really well in the branch now its awesome.
but now we have to work super hard for more people to baptise!!
one of our investigators in the hospital at the moment. he has a brain tumour and he doesnt even know, only his family knows and they dont want to tell him because he will stress and make its worse. it so sad and we went to go visit him on saturday night. hes like is a really weird state, hes like sleeping but hes still moving the half of his body that isnt paralysed, he doesnt react to anything, i think the tumor is eating his brain, nt sure but we are going to visit him again tomorrow. his daughter sits there in  a little plastic chair next to him every night sleeping in the chair, i think we'll bring her som lollies of snacks and spend a bit of time with her there, shes really needing it.

but i love you guys so so much, hope everythings good back home!!

Love, Elder Greener

27th October 2015

                     in brazil you can choose to have up to 4 flavours of pizza! on one pizza!

                                           chillin out with my home boy frodo

 messin with stray dogs in the middle of the street. i dont think this dog has ever been scratched before in his life because when i scratched his head he made like this super funny face and sat down on the floor like he was loving it hahaha.

                                                 HUGE mango tree in salvador

               had an awesome conference in salvador the other day with one of the seventy!!

                             getting lost on the huge freeway with my district hahha

Holy heck sounds like you had a pretty busy week!! but sounds like heaps of cool stuff happened too!!

so this week we had an awesome conference in salvador ( had to do two 9 hour bus trips to get there and back!!) but was deffs worth it!!! we heard from Elder Mazagardi and his wife and holy heck are they a spiritual couple!!  Elder Mazzagardi like shut down everyone and then showed us how we can be better missionaries so that was awesome!! we have been trying to implement a lot of the things he spoke about so this week has been real good.
and this week we have a baptism for SURE we made some invites and everything haha this time it wont fall through im sure of it. ill send some pics when next pday comes around.

haha and im glad your liking the tan, your probs not gonna recogsize me when i get home!! haha im gonna come home black and fat hahha.

anyays i love you heaps too and hope you have an awesome week!!

Love Elder Greener

19th October 2015

Hey thank you for all the photos!! haha i bet the kids had a lot of fun there at the strawberry farm! did yous come home with heaps of strawberries?? haha and sounds like lyric is pretty fun to be around sometimes haha if he talks more than eli i can even imagine hahaha.

haha i love the way dad shops, he like to buy all the cool stuff like i do. can you tell him to send some pics of the stuff he brang home?? would be awesome.
and what did sharni make for dinner? it wasnt that seed lasanga that she made that one time was it?? haha kidding.
and thankyou so much for the sam photos haha looks like hes getting bigger and bigger, where is he sleeping now? with sharni tom or maddi??

so things have been going really crazy here recently haha. me and my new companion have deciced to be EXACT obedient and holy heck i dont even know how we are coping with all the blessing we are getting right now. this week was so so full we didnt even have time to visit all our investigators. we have been trying a new method of contacts and we baisically introduce ourselves and tell them our pourpose and invite them unto repentance and to be baptised like jusus christ was and we are getting lots of investigators this way.
but yesterday kinda sucked. we had a baptism all lined up and all sorted out and everything, i even bought a huge freakin watermelon to eat at the baptism and she didnt show up to church. she said she was going to visit someone on saturday and that shed be back buy sturday night but when we passed by her place sunday morning she still wasnt at home. so that really sucked dunno when shell be back.
and we are going to travel to salvador again this week i think for a training by one of the area seventies!! its gonna be so good i cant wait.
taught a really awesome lesson the other day too. this old couple and their 24 year old daughter. haha we taught a little lesson and then the old dude was like i got kicked out of three churches but i still love  playing guitar and singing jesus songs haha and i was like hey i play a little guitar too so he gave me his guitar to play and it was like super untuned so i tuned it for him and he was so stoked and then i played a little bit for them and they thought it was the best thing hahaha was really cool.

But hey i love yous all so so much, hope everything is awesome back home!!

Love Elder greener

12th October 2015

                                                  me and my last companion, elder felipe

       a melon called Xixi, which literally translates to pee or urine hahaha a made a wicked juice out of it it was so good haha.

yeah conference was so good we watched it yesterday!! we had to wait a week cos the internet heres so bad that we had to download it and watch it the next week but it was so so good.
haha i  loves that talk too about the role of the women. this morning a was studyig the story of the 2000 stripling warriors and the first thing that came into my mind was you. when the strippling warrios say in verse 48 that they doubt not because their mothers knew it. like they wouldnt not have had the faith they had if it wasnt for their mothers, and i thaught that i definantly wouldt be here if it wasnt for you so thank you so much mum.

and yeah me and my new comp are doin so freakin good!! his name is elder long and hes from america haha were doing so well together. but something came up and we werent able to do the baptism on saturday but we have it re marked for this coming saturday so that should be awesome.

haha and im waiting very anxiously for the package haha i bet youve pack it full ave goodies. but it should get here pretty quick yeah??

anyways love yous heaps and heaps, hope yous have an awesome week!!

Much love, elder greener

5th October 2015

So this week has been really good, my companion got transfered and i got a new comp, Elder Long!!
thinga have been going really good this first week and we have been having lots of success. we have a baptism lines up for this saturday and we will most likely baptize her in a river!! im really excited and exact obedience is really paying off.
fasting testimony sunday was awesome and our investigator even bore her testimony out of nowhere!!
was a a super spiritual sunday and im so glad to see the results of out work coming together.
anyways not really much to say but the bbq went awesome too!!! heaps of mean and heaps of food.

anyways love yous all so so much and hope yous have a great week.

Love Elder Green

28th September 2015

my companion is getting transfered so we spent our last day working with the branch president. was awesome!!

Haha yeah we had a zone conference but for some reason we didnt go, i think we got forgotten because we are is such a far area hahaha!

this weeks been super crazy. on friday we had a full day planned but then we had to drop literally everything when we got a call from one of the secretaries saying that theres a list of less actives that we had to visit. so we dropped everything and caught the first bus to the city center which it kinda far away. so we hunted for these less actives (oh and the list is about 10 years old too) from like 1pm to 7pm without finding a single one of them. haha we walked in the 38 degree heat for 6 hours without stopping or sitting once it was a crazy day. but blessings come from acting quickly. when we got the phonecall to visit the people we dropped everything straight away and hopped on the first bus. and on the bus we met the son of one of the dudes that brang the church to my area from são paulo. hes a less active kid and we set an appintment to go visit him this week so that was an awesome blessing from acting quickly.

but sadly the baptisms fell through. i already emailed dad why and it sucked but we will keep working with them.

anyways toninght im going to salvador cos my companion is getting transfered!! so should be good to see everyone at transfers tomorrow and get a new companion, even though i wanted to stay with my current companion haha.

anyways i gotta get going and get this bbq prepared its gonna be awesome, ill try send photos next week!!

Love yous heaps

Elder Greener

21st September 2015

                      me and my comp at the bottom of this huge bridge called Mettalic Point

                                  service project at a members place!!

                                  Went we went to salvador to see the apostle!!
after the meeting we went on splits with the zone leaders. working in a tri conpanionship is pretty sweet!!

                                            climbing the nextdoor neighbours guava tree haha.

Yeah ive been very thouhtfull this week and ive really been trying to change my thought pattern and its really been helping. weve had a really awesome week this week. weve been so freakin busy we havent even had time to visit all the people we made appointments for!! but its good to be busy. haha time is absolutely flying past it feels like yesterday i was in my last area but now its almost transfers again which is crazy.
We had an awesom district meeting this week and we got to meet the new missionary couple that are serving here!! I cant remember their names but they are an awesome couple serving their third mission together. so our district leader is awesome but he is also a certified crazy. hes going crazy to baptise people haha and he gave us a few methods in which we will stsart using to try have more success so hopefully we have more results soon.
Had an aweosm lesson with on of our investigators while i was  on splits with our district leader. i was going to go there and see how she was doing in regards to the word of wisdom, but when we went in i got the impression that i should speak about that another time. we ended up sharing a powerfull lesson about prayer and i invited her so be baptised on the 27 of september. 
so hopefully we should have 2 baptisms this week whick is going to be awesome.

next week is also transfers so ill have to let you know if im going or staying, but ill let you know when i find out!!

Lots of love, 

Elder Greener

14th September 2015

Hey Mum,
well i just wanted to thank you for this email. to be honest, if i wasnt here on the mission and i got an email like this i dont know if i would have received it very well. but as i am here learning so many imporant thingsi can definantly see that the things you do for me and the kids are out of love. its like coming on the mission has taken this fog out of my mind that was blocking a lot of good things and blocking me from thinking straight. but now its like that fog is being taken away and my eternal perspective is getting massive. I have been reading my patriarchal blessing a lot lately and contemplating on being a good missionary or an extraordinairy missionary. its not something easy for me, because sometimes i have thoughts like ´´if i completely devote myself im just going to turn into a robot peter preisthood with no sense of fun or anything like that´´. but then on the other hand i really cant survive as a missionary without the miracles that come through exact obedience. im so thankfull to have parents like  you that fully know what they need to do in order to enter the celestial kingdom, but not only know but also act on what they know. im so thankfull that you a willing to do what you have to do in order to receive the blessing of the lord mum. like i cant even explain how thankful.

But this week has been alright. one of our main investigators that was progressing told us she doent want to take any more lassons and canceled her baptism date. she has a boyfriend that is married to another woman and has some kids with her and he is like sustaining our investigator because she is out of work. oh and the wife of her boyfriend doesnt know about her, but the sisters of the wife know about it??? hows that for a situation. so baisically she decided that after we taught her about the Law of chastidy. so that really sucke this week.
But our other main investigator is still progressing heaps!! one sunday she didnt feel comfortable with the clothed she was wearing compared to the  other women there so out of nowhere she decided to change her wardrobe in accordance to the church dress standard. shes and awesome lady and im stoked for her baptism.
But me and my companion are doing really well, im learning so much stuff from him its like my heads gonna explode, but he says im getting a lot better a everything now which is great.
yesterday i gave a talk in sacrament after oneof the talkers bailed so i had to make up the talk pretty much on the spot, luckily it was only 7 mins haha. but i think i learnt more from the talk than the members, i talked about obedience and exact obedience and shared the story of when nephi had to go back to jerusalem to get plates, and that the results of his exact obedienece were miracles. 
we have set some great goals for next week that we are going to put to the test and im gonna give EXACT obedience a go too. this week is going to be difficult but i want the blessing of the lords so it should be great.

anyways i hope th family is doing great and all is well back home.
love yous heaps

Elder Greener

7th September 2015

Ok so this weeks been pretty crazy!! these has been like the yearly town festival thing and things have been pretty crazy but everyone survived hahaha. im surprised that im able to send emails today because everything is closed today and the internet cafe im in is about to shut pretty soon too.

But we wre teaching an awesome family at the moment, the wife is really progressing well and even asked when she could be baptised before we asked her!! haha so thats awesome.
One of our other investigatore, Clarise, is going kinda good and kinda bad, she was doing really well but recently has been hit with two magor family problems. First was that her cousin got attacked buy a guy with a machete and it all sliced up, was over 20 cuts i think, and second was that her little nepher passed away. so were really trying to be there for here at the moment.

havent really done anything new this week, today we were gonna go to the center of the city but seeing as everything is closed were gonna wait untill next week.

at the moment im studying Ether and about the brother of jared, awesome dude with like a freakin ton of faith.

and yeah we are still getting fed every single day, if a member is rostered to give us lunch but cant they give us a bit of cash to buy lunch!! and every pday we have lunch in a members restaurant, and she specialises in cooking sheep!! haha its aweosme and we dont even have to pay.

this week i was reading in Nephi when they leave jerusalem and come to the river and Lehi was like ` laman and lemuel yous should be like these rivers and valleys, firm and steadfast. really thaught that that applies to everybody because we too should be firm and steadfast, letting our example show through living the gospel because miracles really happen because of our example that we show.

but yeah hope everything is going great back home
!! love yous heaps!!!!

Love Elder greener

31st August 2015

Awesome your gonna have to let me know how the camp went!! i remeber year 9 camp with peter moyes haha was great.

And thats an awesome caling i bet you two are gonna do great, gona have to do something about facebook but haha thats gonna be a big problem, i found that food usually gets attention pretty good haha.

and i just sent them an email today!! they wrote me a whole back but id forgot to write back. and yeah i got the talks you sent me!! havent had a chance to print them off but so hopefully i can do that soon.

But this week has been SOOO good. Apostle Neil Anderson cambe and visited and gave us a special training session, just for the missionaries. And it was actually two missions together, my mission and salvador south mission. super crazy. i even got to shake his hand!! haha was pretty funny he speaks spanish, france and prtuguese, so when he was giving the training we was speaking a little bit of all three hahaha.
But ive been learning heaps with my new companion. like heaps and heaps. hes teaching be to focus on building the investigators testimony, because he doesntlike when someone gets baptised and leaves the church, so we really help our investigators have a strong testimony before they get baptised.
Investigators are going great, one lady called Clarise is doing awesome and we are helping here stop drinking and smoking, and also we are working with a family, i cant remember all theyre names but the wife is calles Danialla and they are going awesome too.
I gave a talk yesterday at church and i think it went ok, because its a small branch i was teaching them you they can get involved in missionary work and that missionary work actually works when the members help.
and my new companion is awesome, hes got 11 months but hes as good as a 2 yeat missionary already, hes from Cabo Verde in Africa and his name is Elder Teixeira, super awesome and funny guy ill try send some photos. and right now im like 9 hours from salvador, but from the litle city in my area im like 30 mins so its no too bad. 

BUt yeah thats abou it for this week, hope everything is going awesome back home!! Love you guys heaps!!!

Love, Elder Greener

24th August 2015

So yea i ended up getting transfered ): kinda sucks cos i really liked my old area, but i got transfered to an area called Paulo Alfonso, its like an island kinda thing. But the first week here has been so so so good. we have a whole bunch of investigators here and some some of them are progressing so well im so happy for them.
ahaha and for some reason i was feelingl like i was gonna get transfered too, the whole week before transfers i had the feeling. but now im here and everything is going really well, members here are awesome and everything. its just a small branch though, not very many members. next week i have the 30 min talk hahaa. i going to teach the branch how they can involve themselves in missionary work, should be great!
im teaching a young married couple at the moment the importance of families. they are so awesome, and whats better, i was able to make rferences to you and dad how yous have been awesome examples to me because of the gospel of jesus christ!! was a really awesome lesson.

but hey dont have to much to write now, ill try send some photos next week]]Love yous heaps!!!!

Elder Greener

17th August 2015

                           have no idea what these thing are but i freakin loveeating them haha

on our way to lunch!! haha reminded me of back home when we used to shove  like all the kids in the little car haha

                                                me and my comp, soon to be separated D:

i found some pepper spray the other day haha. we had some other elders stay the night at our place last night and one of them sprayed LOADS or it in the room hahaha. holy heck noone could breath this stuff is so strong, we had to open allthe windows and air out the hourse for like an hour cos it jjust lingers too haha. everyone was crying and had snot dribbling out their noses haha it was great

hey just sending an email super quick t let you know im alive and kicking.
yesterday was super busy and the internet cafe was shut before we got home.

and can you sent me that photo that sister lisonbee sent?? haha she said that you mums like the photos befre she can even get her finger on the post button hahaha.

and next week i promise ill have some photos for you!!!! love you so so so much!!

elder greener

3rd August 2015

todays email is short, things changes and we dont have much time to email!!!

but questions 


2- ive been studying 1 nephi. Such an awesome book, nephis faith and courage are just on crazy levels.

3-havent really met anyone new but i got a whole bunch of references emailed to me today so hopefully something good comes out of them!!

4- Transfers are onthe 12th of this month!! i hope i stay here!!!

5- and hightligh of the week was yesterday!! we had a few investigators in church and they really loved it!! he are going to invite them to be baptised this week so ill keep you posted

And thankyou so much for the photos of sam and molly hahaha i had a good laugh at them.

Love Elder Greener

3rd August 2015

todays email is short, things changes and we dont have much time to email!!!

but questions 


2- ive been studying 1 nephi. Such an awesome book, nephis faith and courage are just on crazy levels.

3-havent really met anyone new but i got a whole bunch of references emailed to me today so hopefully something good comes out of them!!

4- Transfers are onthe 12th of this month!! i hope i stay here!!!

5- and hightligh of the week was yesterday!! we had a few investigators in church and they really loved it!! he are going to invite them to be baptised this week so ill keep you posted

And thankyou so much for the photos of sam and molly hahaha i had a good laugh at them.

Love Elder Greener

27th July 2015

1- This week has been really good!! weve found a couple more investigators that have been progressing like crazy and have been waiting for us to teach them more, they are loving all the gospel principles that we are teaching (and they always give us food after a lesson too haha) 

2- Well last week we went to santo amaro and went to a a waterfall in like the jungle of something, it was awesome. luckily i was wearing thongs because most of the walk was throuh mud and we had to walk across the river for someparts too, but when we got there we chilled for a bit i ate a bunch of mangoes that i bought previously and then we headed back  cos we didnt want to miss the bus haha.


4- I have really learnt that you need to pray with all your faith when you want something from heavenly father. sometimes when i pray, there is that little doubt like ´´when will he answer? i bet its going to be ages before he answers my prayers´´ but i decided to get rid of these thought absolutely and the results have been amazing, in some cases i have recieved answers almost instantly and i am so thankfull that i am learning to have more faith.

5-  and i have been studying the Book Of Enos a lot this week, which has lead me to learn that i have written above, so greatfull for the example of Enos, and that if we really pray with faith in jesus christ we will receive.

but hey i better get going, i got a huge lunch today with a bunch of other missionaries so im stoked for that haha. ill let you know how it goes next week.

Much love,

Elder greener

21st July 2015

we went to santo amaro yesterday had an appointment as soon as we got back, cant really write today but just letting you know im alive and sendin a few pics

2nd June 2015

Hey yeah things are going really great over here!!!!
so dads all better then yeah?? hah ai think im gettin a needle this week to combat the cold of whatever it is here haha but hey its free!!

but yeah q+a

1- yeah im in a new area now!!! im so stoked to be here. im in Jardin Cruzeiro now and loving it.

2- New companions name is Elder Felipe, hes from Curitiba Brazil and were gatting along great, hes the only brazillian that i know that knows american basketball!!

3- hmm havent really had anything new happen this week. just getting to know everyone.

4- But yeah ive been prayin heaps ans heaps to be able to see the people here how heavenly father sees and loves his children. in my last area i found it easy to like the people but i didnt feel like i really truly loved them there. when i got to my new area here it was like all my prayers were answered instanly. i dont know how to explain it but i have such a greater love for the poeple here now. i just want to share and teach and help everyone here. all the members are awesome here and have welcomed me warmly.

5- weve been teaching this lady Maria. shes pretty old and shes been hooked on smoking for yeeeeeears. weve been hepling her so much and she commitied to going to church on sunday. well when we went past her place on sunday morning to pick her up for church she said that she had like a million things to do and couldnt make it. pretty much the oonly downer of this week.

but i hope everything is going awesome back home!!!

Love Elder Greener

...and part of email to his dad...

Hey dad yeah the new area is going great. im like an hour and a half from my last area and its a looooot more chill here. really loving the area and the people here.

haha i remember seminary runs, ive kinda started to miss getting up at 4:30 to get ready for work and turning into an icypole when i walk out the door haha. hope the kids are liking seminary but, actually speaking of seminary we are teaching it at the moment haha were teaching DC.