27th October 2015

                     in brazil you can choose to have up to 4 flavours of pizza! on one pizza!

                                           chillin out with my home boy frodo

 messin with stray dogs in the middle of the street. i dont think this dog has ever been scratched before in his life because when i scratched his head he made like this super funny face and sat down on the floor like he was loving it hahaha.

                                                 HUGE mango tree in salvador

               had an awesome conference in salvador the other day with one of the seventy!!

                             getting lost on the huge freeway with my district hahha

Holy heck sounds like you had a pretty busy week!! but sounds like heaps of cool stuff happened too!!

so this week we had an awesome conference in salvador ( had to do two 9 hour bus trips to get there and back!!) but was deffs worth it!!! we heard from Elder Mazagardi and his wife and holy heck are they a spiritual couple!!  Elder Mazzagardi like shut down everyone and then showed us how we can be better missionaries so that was awesome!! we have been trying to implement a lot of the things he spoke about so this week has been real good.
and this week we have a baptism for SURE we made some invites and everything haha this time it wont fall through im sure of it. ill send some pics when next pday comes around.

haha and im glad your liking the tan, your probs not gonna recogsize me when i get home!! haha im gonna come home black and fat hahha.

anyays i love you heaps too and hope you have an awesome week!!

Love Elder Greener

19th October 2015

Hey thank you for all the photos!! haha i bet the kids had a lot of fun there at the strawberry farm! did yous come home with heaps of strawberries?? haha and sounds like lyric is pretty fun to be around sometimes haha if he talks more than eli i can even imagine hahaha.

haha i love the way dad shops, he like to buy all the cool stuff like i do. can you tell him to send some pics of the stuff he brang home?? would be awesome.
and what did sharni make for dinner? it wasnt that seed lasanga that she made that one time was it?? haha kidding.
and thankyou so much for the sam photos haha looks like hes getting bigger and bigger, where is he sleeping now? with sharni tom or maddi??

so things have been going really crazy here recently haha. me and my new companion have deciced to be EXACT obedient and holy heck i dont even know how we are coping with all the blessing we are getting right now. this week was so so full we didnt even have time to visit all our investigators. we have been trying a new method of contacts and we baisically introduce ourselves and tell them our pourpose and invite them unto repentance and to be baptised like jusus christ was and we are getting lots of investigators this way.
but yesterday kinda sucked. we had a baptism all lined up and all sorted out and everything, i even bought a huge freakin watermelon to eat at the baptism and she didnt show up to church. she said she was going to visit someone on saturday and that shed be back buy sturday night but when we passed by her place sunday morning she still wasnt at home. so that really sucked dunno when shell be back.
and we are going to travel to salvador again this week i think for a training by one of the area seventies!! its gonna be so good i cant wait.
taught a really awesome lesson the other day too. this old couple and their 24 year old daughter. haha we taught a little lesson and then the old dude was like i got kicked out of three churches but i still love  playing guitar and singing jesus songs haha and i was like hey i play a little guitar too so he gave me his guitar to play and it was like super untuned so i tuned it for him and he was so stoked and then i played a little bit for them and they thought it was the best thing hahaha was really cool.

But hey i love yous all so so much, hope everything is awesome back home!!

Love Elder greener

12th October 2015

                                                  me and my last companion, elder felipe

       a melon called Xixi, which literally translates to pee or urine hahaha a made a wicked juice out of it it was so good haha.

yeah conference was so good we watched it yesterday!! we had to wait a week cos the internet heres so bad that we had to download it and watch it the next week but it was so so good.
haha i  loves that talk too about the role of the women. this morning a was studyig the story of the 2000 stripling warriors and the first thing that came into my mind was you. when the strippling warrios say in verse 48 that they doubt not because their mothers knew it. like they wouldnt not have had the faith they had if it wasnt for their mothers, and i thaught that i definantly wouldt be here if it wasnt for you so thank you so much mum.

and yeah me and my new comp are doin so freakin good!! his name is elder long and hes from america haha were doing so well together. but something came up and we werent able to do the baptism on saturday but we have it re marked for this coming saturday so that should be awesome.

haha and im waiting very anxiously for the package haha i bet youve pack it full ave goodies. but it should get here pretty quick yeah??

anyways love yous heaps and heaps, hope yous have an awesome week!!

Much love, elder greener

5th October 2015

So this week has been really good, my companion got transfered and i got a new comp, Elder Long!!
thinga have been going really good this first week and we have been having lots of success. we have a baptism lines up for this saturday and we will most likely baptize her in a river!! im really excited and exact obedience is really paying off.
fasting testimony sunday was awesome and our investigator even bore her testimony out of nowhere!!
was a a super spiritual sunday and im so glad to see the results of out work coming together.
anyways not really much to say but the bbq went awesome too!!! heaps of mean and heaps of food.

anyways love yous all so so much and hope yous have a great week.

Love Elder Green