2nd June 2015

Hey yeah things are going really great over here!!!!
so dads all better then yeah?? hah ai think im gettin a needle this week to combat the cold of whatever it is here haha but hey its free!!

but yeah q+a

1- yeah im in a new area now!!! im so stoked to be here. im in Jardin Cruzeiro now and loving it.

2- New companions name is Elder Felipe, hes from Curitiba Brazil and were gatting along great, hes the only brazillian that i know that knows american basketball!!

3- hmm havent really had anything new happen this week. just getting to know everyone.

4- But yeah ive been prayin heaps ans heaps to be able to see the people here how heavenly father sees and loves his children. in my last area i found it easy to like the people but i didnt feel like i really truly loved them there. when i got to my new area here it was like all my prayers were answered instanly. i dont know how to explain it but i have such a greater love for the poeple here now. i just want to share and teach and help everyone here. all the members are awesome here and have welcomed me warmly.

5- weve been teaching this lady Maria. shes pretty old and shes been hooked on smoking for yeeeeeears. weve been hepling her so much and she commitied to going to church on sunday. well when we went past her place on sunday morning to pick her up for church she said that she had like a million things to do and couldnt make it. pretty much the oonly downer of this week.

but i hope everything is going awesome back home!!!

Love Elder Greener

...and part of email to his dad...

Hey dad yeah the new area is going great. im like an hour and a half from my last area and its a looooot more chill here. really loving the area and the people here.

haha i remember seminary runs, ive kinda started to miss getting up at 4:30 to get ready for work and turning into an icypole when i walk out the door haha. hope the kids are liking seminary but, actually speaking of seminary we are teaching it at the moment haha were teaching DC.

26th May 2015

This is Carlos and his wife.  He is the ward mission leader for the Bonfim ward.

and so yeah its sharnis birthday now hey!!! thats crazy haha hope you guys have a blast, make sure you eat a load of food for me too!!

hmm something cool that heppened this week? we found a reeeally awesome investigator. shes a younger lady, her names Grezeila and shes doing well. she has a LOAD os questions hahaha but its really good  because it helps me learn, as a matter of fact sometimes i think i learn more than she does dudring our lessons haha. but i really reken that if we help her understand all the things she needs shell wanna get baptised!

hmm well something not so cool is that im getting transfered tomorrow!!!  i wanted and didnt want to get transfered, i really love all the people in our ward here but yesterday i had to go around and say goodbye to everyone. but im so greatfull for the opportunity that i have to be able to serve here in bonfim!!!!

Haha i met this funny dude in church yesterday, he walked in to the chapel wanting a book of mormon and i was like heck yes i can help you with that hahaha he speaks a little english too so he was like practicing his englesh with me. we got him to sit through sacrament and manages to get a return visit with him too which was awesome!!

hmmm this week, i have really learnt of having the constant companionship of the holy ghost. you never know when you will come across someone and not know what to say, so its vitally important that your always doing all that you can to be worthy of that companionship. and also the importance of always carrying your oil on you!! gave my first blessing in portuguese the other day!! which was a miracle because i litterally didnt know all thewords to give a blessing of health but i was able to give a blessing to someone that really needed it and it was a great humbling experience.

but yeah ill let you know more about where im getting sent next week cos i dont know yet!!! but hope yous have a blast in the hotel and have a great  week!!!

Love, Elder Greener