28th April 2015

New district, Jefferson and Leilani are awesome members and here is some of our house this morning haha

YEah things are going really good here!! hey but first of all happy 21st birthday!!!! again!!!!!! hahaha so what did you end up doing, just chilling out?? hope you had an awesome day you deffs deserve it cos your the best mum in the world.
but awesome so nana was down for a bit?? hows she going?? and tell jo i say hello if shes still there!!
hahaha i think thats one of the very very important parts of work, to have fun while you work and to have little jokes like that. they seriouly make work so much better.
ok sweet so it should be the right address then but dunno why it hasnt gotten here yet. ill have to send his mum a big thanks for helping out with the packages. and oh yeah me and chastain caught up last tuesday!!! hahha it was great we got to catch up and talk about our areas and stuff, he says his mum gets a little ticked if he doesnt send photos too haha so it must just be a mum thing hahaaa.

but yeah this week has been pretty normal. your whole house flooded today hahaha it rained so hard last night that when we woke up there wasnt a dry spot on the floor, the kitchen and bathroom were flooded way up past my ankles hahaha. pretty great start to a pday haha. water came up through the drain and everything it was crazy, and then when i was chuckin a wee this huge centipede thing swam to my foot and climbed up my leg and yeah ill just say its very difficult to pee and try kick of a huge angry centipede off your leg at the same time hahaha.

anyways loveyour all, again hope you had an awesome awesome b-day. ive got a few photos so ill send em now if i can.

Love Elder Greener

21st April 2015

Woah i cant believe its all going so quick, time really does fly. seems like yesterday i was home messing around with all the guys and stuff. 
 im starting to to remember all those sleepovers too hahaha i miss them.
        rained so much the other week that there was like a waterfal on the stairs on our street

with Irmã Vera!! she always gives us geladinho when we visit its so good!

and hey yeah i dont know when im gonna be able to call yet but there is a member that lives right next door so we will be able to use his computer which will be awesome, ill have to keep you updated as i find out whats goin on cos im not sure yet.

1- hmm best moment of this week

2- yesterday was pretty tough. We visited a whole heap of inactives and we had a bunch of investigators that were supposed to come to church with us. before church we went around and poped by all their houses to see if they were ready and literely everyone bailed. oh except one youth that showed up after we visited her so its good that shes back at church now.

3- and nah havent really done anything unusual hahah i dont even know what unusual is anymore after being here for almost 5 months hahaha

4- We are teaching a dude called fabio and his family, a young lad called Raphael and said he doent believe in god but after us teaching him he believes now, A young couple and a few others, slow progress but better than no progress. 

5- ive learnt the importance of the basic doctrines. we visited some members randomly cos i wanted to see how they were going so we poped by and were greeted warmly like usual. we talked abit and i was asked to share a message and i felt impressed to talk about the power of prayer. i just said what i honestly know about prayer and that our heavenly father is there always for us but for this particulay member i thinkit was exactly what she needed. we then gave her mum a blessing because she wasnt well and they were in credibly greatful. so yeah just sharing what you know and really meaning it with the intent to help someone is powerful.

but yeah ive got a couple of piccies for ya today! not many but yeah ive got a few!!
cant really take any touristy pics because were not really alowed to look like tourists hahaha so yeah.

anyways ill send some pics, love yous so much!!!

Parts of email to Maddi:
...and yeah ive eaten some pretty weird stuff already but i dont have any photos just yet. i ate cow foot and cow intestines!! haha it was actually alright too.

and yeah i eat awesome food everyday. lots and lots of fruit. google a fruit called jaca, its really weird hahaha.

14th April 2015

general conference was really awesome!! really liked a lot of the talks, especially the priesthood session.

1- Best moment was probably teaching Fabio and his family. They area a really promising family and im really pumped to be able to teach them!!

2- Hasnt really been a difficult or freaky moment, things are pretty much back to normal again and the water in the city has returned so all is well.

3- And nah havent really done anything like over the top fun, but we are planning for some upcoming activities which should be good!!

4- and nah havent eaten anything weird this week, just the normal feijão and fruit and stuff haha.

5- and yeah ive learnt a flippen heap of portuguese this week thats what ive learned, having a brazilian companion is good because i have to think in portuguese too.

but yeah over all not that much has happened this week so sorry if this week is a little short!!

and i cant beleive wazza is already leaving in two weeks!!!! im so happy for him hes gonna have  the best time hahaa

and trasnsfers is next week!! so ill find out if ive got any mail or not. 

anyways love all of youse back home!!!

6th April 2015


so uhmm this week has been pretty crazy hahaha. like seriously crazy. but ok i wanna say first that no i do not have my camera with me, but i didnt bring it for  reason so please dont get upset. ill expliain in a bit.

so questions.

1 - The best moment this week was probably lunch this thursday, they have this tradition here that everyone eats fish on a specific day of the year and only fish. so i had a load of fish, stingray, shark and other stuff that i dont know the name of. after i shared a message about faith in alma 32 and im pretty sure everyone understood most of it so that means my portuguese is getting better i hope hahaha.

2- hmm this whole week has been a little challenging. our whole area and a lot more doesnt have water at the moment. one of the main water pipes somewhere exploded and now everyone is without water, i think since teusday or wednesday cant remember exactly. but yeah everyone is freaking out.  so weve had to make many trips with buckets and water bottles and then walk back to the house with all the water. weve been doing trips for the members too because a lot of them are old people, so weve been helping out a lot. it doenst help that it is easter at the moment, and all people do here for easter is blast music in the street and get drunk and its been going on since like thursday. so put that together with all the angry people without water and yeah i think you could imagine. someone got stabbed to death in our area during midday, another person threw a bomb through a moving bus and it exploded on an old man, burnt 80% or his body with 3rd degree burns but he still alive,  and people have been rioting in the streets too and setting other buses on fire, so yeah pretty cray.  and thats baisically why i didnt bring my camera, people have started robbing people too especially if they have water so yeah ill wait for things to calm down before i bring my camera anywhere for a while. but dont frek out im all good!! i know as long as im doing the right thing as a missionary ill be all good so yeah dont freak out haha.

3- hmmm well it was conference this week which was awesome, one thing that dallin h oaks said was really awesome, he said that addictions impair the gift of agency, so becarefull what you give your time and money too!

4- hmmm nothing really stood out to me this week, just keep prayin and keep prayin.

5 - and nah havent really done anything different this week, just a load of renegade missions to get water for us and the members so yeah thats been greathahaha 

but yeah i love you guys and hope everything is good.

Love Elder Greener

30th March 2015

Hey yeah this week sbeen pretty good, we've been doing a lot of work but not having that many results which kinda sucks.´
hey im sorry i have my cameraa with me today but i forgot to bring my sd card with me!!! so i cant send anything this week!!! really sorry!!

well this week i was hugged and kissed by a homeless lady, that experience was pretty... uhmm... memorable. i cant remember her name but i first met her a couple of weeks ago she wanted but book of mormon and i sad nah because it was my one so she said next time i see you your gonna have one for me, so i said yeah ok then she taught me some portugese and taught me some gangster handshakes hahaha then we left not really expecting to see her again. well this week i saw her again and by coincidence i was carrying a brand new book of mormon with me, she was sooo stoked even though she can barely read haha but i marked one of my fav chapters and gave it to her, then she hugged me and kissed my chest leaving like this dirty slobber mark ahahaa it was dirty. 
but yeah so that happened haha

anyways hope work is going awesome and all the kids are being good


Elder Greener