28th April 2015

New district, Jefferson and Leilani are awesome members and here is some of our house this morning haha

YEah things are going really good here!! hey but first of all happy 21st birthday!!!! again!!!!!! hahaha so what did you end up doing, just chilling out?? hope you had an awesome day you deffs deserve it cos your the best mum in the world.
but awesome so nana was down for a bit?? hows she going?? and tell jo i say hello if shes still there!!
hahaha i think thats one of the very very important parts of work, to have fun while you work and to have little jokes like that. they seriouly make work so much better.
ok sweet so it should be the right address then but dunno why it hasnt gotten here yet. ill have to send his mum a big thanks for helping out with the packages. and oh yeah me and chastain caught up last tuesday!!! hahha it was great we got to catch up and talk about our areas and stuff, he says his mum gets a little ticked if he doesnt send photos too haha so it must just be a mum thing hahaaa.

but yeah this week has been pretty normal. your whole house flooded today hahaha it rained so hard last night that when we woke up there wasnt a dry spot on the floor, the kitchen and bathroom were flooded way up past my ankles hahaha. pretty great start to a pday haha. water came up through the drain and everything it was crazy, and then when i was chuckin a wee this huge centipede thing swam to my foot and climbed up my leg and yeah ill just say its very difficult to pee and try kick of a huge angry centipede off your leg at the same time hahaha.

anyways loveyour all, again hope you had an awesome awesome b-day. ive got a few photos so ill send em now if i can.

Love Elder Greener

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