19th May 2015


So how longs dad going up to gero for? is he just going up by himself or is he taking some of the kids?? and what happened to the porch??
And yeah i always tried to teach Sam that trick too!! haha i remember how difficult it was because he just wants to eat absolutely everything!!! but hopefully by the time i get home hell have the trick down perfect!! that would be awesome
and yeah its been raining like craaaazy here too, loads of the streets are getting flooded and yeah its bad, i cant remember the last time i had dry shoes hahaha.

and questions.

1- Best moment this week was went we went to Santo Amaro. my companion baptised a lady while he was there and we were able to go to her wedding!! was real nice, Santo Amaro is super nice to, the people there are sooo chilled out and there are a load of awesome members therethat i was able to meet!!! so that was awesome;

2- Hmm worst moment was probs when we were moving, i was wallking down some stone steps that were all wet, i slipped and tried to grab on to the wall or something bt just ended up punching the wall bu accident hahaha. felt real dumb and now i have but chuncks out of my knucked from where they scraped against the wall. so there was that and also we had to let a couple of investigators go. that was real sad for me because i really liked them but yeah.

3- and teh new flat is soooooooo much better!! its actually dry too and doesnt have mold!!! :D so im really stoked to be in the new house. haha, its on the fourth story too so we get a cool view of all the rooftops.

4- And yea i got to catch up with chastain too!!  we stayed the night there in santo amaro so we got to hang out a fair bit, hes doin real good and his portugese is getting way good too!!

5- and transfers is next teusday!!! this transfer was only 5 weeks and it went so freakin quik!!

but yeah thats about it for this week!!

Lov yous all and hope your doing awesome!!

Love Elder Greener

12th May 2015

This was the email the day after.....

yeah i know i was fully expecting you to cry like crazy but you didnt!!
and woah thats freakn aaages hahaha so how did she go then??
and theres really nothing new to say haha!! we are moving house tomorrow so im really stoked about that!!! and we went to the beach today to play american football so that was interesting hahaha nothing too special but the other american missionary that lives with us got roasted by the sun hahaha hes so red.
and hey cant send photos today. everytime i put my memorycard into a computer something crazy happens and now all my photos are gone so yeah. reeeally ticked about this not joking.
but i donno i really got noting to write about so ill have to whore a longer email next week.

Love yous all!!!

Elder Greener

4th May 2015

ey yeah this weeks been really good!! 
haha and yeah eli is always hanging out to go to shool, how he doing at school anyways?? haha i had i dream that i was in bali too thats so wierd!!!! haha ever since ive been here ive been having the most strangest dreams hahaha but maybe its a sign that you need to go to bali again?!!?!?!
and talking about food ive been craving food from back home haha mainly sushi hahai dont thing it really exists here haha its sad but they still hever aaaaaaawesome food here.
and yeah i remember here!! and that really sucks about the package, i think it would be better if you send it sooner cos it takes like 3 months to get here.... but yeah i think i have a photo of the postal address so ill send it to ya.
hahaha and so sam is finally learning about balloons hahaha thats great. i miss that boof head, actually yesterday i was offered a puppy!!! haha we were in a ladys house lastnight and her puppy was going crazy and i picked her up and she fell asleep in my arms hahaha so then she was like aww she likes you you can take her!!! but obviously i cant haha so that was a bit of a bummer hahah.
and hey do you reken you guys could get together and take some ohtos?? i wanna have more photos in my photo album of you guys cos i dont really have muito at the moment.
but really not much has happened this week. weve been looking for a new house because our house at the moment is pretty crazy haha, but hopefully we find one. we actually found one that this lady had but because of the rain last week there was like a land slide and quite a few people died and lost their homes and her family was one of those people so now they are in the house.
but yeah this week weve decided to have like a weekly scripture that we will memorize and try to use during the day so that should be good. tomorrow we have interviews with president so that should be good to be able to speak to him again, hes a real cool dude!! and today we are going to be going to a place called Pelourinho, so i should have a bunch of photos for ya next week.

but yeah thats pretty much all for this week!! 

Love yous all so so much!!!

Elder Greener

...also part of email to his dad...

sometimes we get referals bit sometimes its impossible to track them down, everything is super confusing here, thousands of little back alleys and walk ways. but its a good way to make contacts haha because you ask people what your looking for then ask them about the church haha it works well.

really missing you guys heps too and yeah ill probably be calling about saturday night my time, so liike sunday morning your time. have youse got morning or arvo church at the moment??
anywasy really looking foreward to it. love youse so much.

Elder Greener