12th May 2015

This was the email the day after.....

yeah i know i was fully expecting you to cry like crazy but you didnt!!
and woah thats freakn aaages hahaha so how did she go then??
and theres really nothing new to say haha!! we are moving house tomorrow so im really stoked about that!!! and we went to the beach today to play american football so that was interesting hahaha nothing too special but the other american missionary that lives with us got roasted by the sun hahaha hes so red.
and hey cant send photos today. everytime i put my memorycard into a computer something crazy happens and now all my photos are gone so yeah. reeeally ticked about this not joking.
but i donno i really got noting to write about so ill have to whore a longer email next week.

Love yous all!!!

Elder Greener

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