14th April 2015

general conference was really awesome!! really liked a lot of the talks, especially the priesthood session.

1- Best moment was probably teaching Fabio and his family. They area a really promising family and im really pumped to be able to teach them!!

2- Hasnt really been a difficult or freaky moment, things are pretty much back to normal again and the water in the city has returned so all is well.

3- And nah havent really done anything like over the top fun, but we are planning for some upcoming activities which should be good!!

4- and nah havent eaten anything weird this week, just the normal feijão and fruit and stuff haha.

5- and yeah ive learnt a flippen heap of portuguese this week thats what ive learned, having a brazilian companion is good because i have to think in portuguese too.

but yeah over all not that much has happened this week so sorry if this week is a little short!!

and i cant beleive wazza is already leaving in two weeks!!!! im so happy for him hes gonna have  the best time hahaa

and trasnsfers is next week!! so ill find out if ive got any mail or not. 

anyways love all of youse back home!!!

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