21st April 2015

Woah i cant believe its all going so quick, time really does fly. seems like yesterday i was home messing around with all the guys and stuff. 
 im starting to to remember all those sleepovers too hahaha i miss them.
        rained so much the other week that there was like a waterfal on the stairs on our street

with Irmã Vera!! she always gives us geladinho when we visit its so good!

and hey yeah i dont know when im gonna be able to call yet but there is a member that lives right next door so we will be able to use his computer which will be awesome, ill have to keep you updated as i find out whats goin on cos im not sure yet.

1- hmm best moment of this week

2- yesterday was pretty tough. We visited a whole heap of inactives and we had a bunch of investigators that were supposed to come to church with us. before church we went around and poped by all their houses to see if they were ready and literely everyone bailed. oh except one youth that showed up after we visited her so its good that shes back at church now.

3- and nah havent really done anything unusual hahah i dont even know what unusual is anymore after being here for almost 5 months hahaha

4- We are teaching a dude called fabio and his family, a young lad called Raphael and said he doent believe in god but after us teaching him he believes now, A young couple and a few others, slow progress but better than no progress. 

5- ive learnt the importance of the basic doctrines. we visited some members randomly cos i wanted to see how they were going so we poped by and were greeted warmly like usual. we talked abit and i was asked to share a message and i felt impressed to talk about the power of prayer. i just said what i honestly know about prayer and that our heavenly father is there always for us but for this particulay member i thinkit was exactly what she needed. we then gave her mum a blessing because she wasnt well and they were in credibly greatful. so yeah just sharing what you know and really meaning it with the intent to help someone is powerful.

but yeah ive got a couple of piccies for ya today! not many but yeah ive got a few!!
cant really take any touristy pics because were not really alowed to look like tourists hahaha so yeah.

anyways ill send some pics, love yous so much!!!

Parts of email to Maddi:
...and yeah ive eaten some pretty weird stuff already but i dont have any photos just yet. i ate cow foot and cow intestines!! haha it was actually alright too.

and yeah i eat awesome food everyday. lots and lots of fruit. google a fruit called jaca, its really weird hahaha.

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