30th March 2015

Hey yeah this week sbeen pretty good, we've been doing a lot of work but not having that many results which kinda sucks.´
hey im sorry i have my cameraa with me today but i forgot to bring my sd card with me!!! so i cant send anything this week!!! really sorry!!

well this week i was hugged and kissed by a homeless lady, that experience was pretty... uhmm... memorable. i cant remember her name but i first met her a couple of weeks ago she wanted but book of mormon and i sad nah because it was my one so she said next time i see you your gonna have one for me, so i said yeah ok then she taught me some portugese and taught me some gangster handshakes hahaha then we left not really expecting to see her again. well this week i saw her again and by coincidence i was carrying a brand new book of mormon with me, she was sooo stoked even though she can barely read haha but i marked one of my fav chapters and gave it to her, then she hugged me and kissed my chest leaving like this dirty slobber mark ahahaa it was dirty. 
but yeah so that happened haha

anyways hope work is going awesome and all the kids are being good


Elder Greener

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