23rd March 2015

 i would send you photos today but i seriously dont have any new ones at al so sorry bout that! oh
 and do you reken you could send me that picture of me sleepin on the
 loo with my gameboy when i was like 5??
 oh and how is elis room doing?? all done yet? hahaha and yes i
 remember that apple tree cant beleive Sam ate the damn thing haha ...nah didnt get any mail at transfers! maybe tomorrow because its
 zone conference so ill see tomorrow. but yeah leg is ways better now
 im pretty sure its fully healed. havent had any problems with it this
 week so thats been good.
 but yeah questions
 1- Uhm best moment was probably District meeting. elder shaffer gave
 a really good training session and we got to discus all of our
 2- Oh wow what a question favourite foods. thats a hard one because i
 just love eating everything here but the fruit is probably what i
like most. oh and coxinhas, im pretty sure wou should be able to get a
 recipe from google or something.
 3- Hmm something that i learnt this week was to lean unto the lord
 even when you think things are going really well, because sometimes
 things arent going as well as you think they are.

 but hey love yous all and hope the kids are being good

 Love Elder Greener

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