2nd March 2015

Letter to Mum... (more personal things have been edited out but you get the idea - I still refrain from correcting his grammar  and spelling as I know he is in a hurry, I won't hold it against him - PS it is REALLY hard not to correct it!)

OK so hey im on!! but i have so much to flippin do this week!!!!!oh well and hey im suuuuper sorry but i cant send any photos this week!! the computers that we are using today are soooooo slow and whenever i try to send photos the computer freezes so i really dont have time to muck around with it.

so how is sams ear doing now?? did the doctors clean it out properly?? awesome to see that everyone is coming home now and im so stoked for wazza!!! flippen finally im so happy for him.
but uhm ok questions from last week.

1. best part of the week was probably on thursday when we were having lunch with a young member couple. we had lunch and after that she was talking about how they just moved into the new area and really didnt want to. she started crying a bit because things werent really going right for them, but me and elder fender shared a short but powerful message about prayer. after i bore testimony about the importance of prayer she seemed really relieved and happy. she thanked us heaps and gave us this awesome passionfruit milkshake!! this sunday she also thanked us again so it was awesome to see how much we've helped someone.

2. hmm well havent really had a bad moment but my leg is playing up real bad. in the  mtc my left hip joint started to ache. we've been running everyday and its been bearable but today it is just absolutely smashed. so i rang sister lisonbee for some advice so i wont be runnin for a few days and im on ibuprofen for 2 days, 800mg every 6 hours haha.

3. and nah i didnt get sick from his spaghetti!! but i have a fever at the moment wich kinda sucks!!

4.best spiritual experience was probably the same as first answer. i feel the spirit strongest when i know ive really actually helped someone.

5.nah havent got any mail yet!! they keep it all for us at the mission home and we get it during transfers, which is next tuesday!!

6.and nah not yet i havent emailed anyone but i will when i have more time! i will see elder chastain and keller at the transfer next week but.

ok so yeah again im so sorry that i cant send photos this week!!! i dont have very many but ill take more to send to you next week!!

i love you so so so much and i hope the family is doing great!! the food here is sooo good but i reeeeally miss your cooking!! and dad said jo is over for a few weeks so im really jelous of that!!! tell her i said hi!!

hope your having a great shirft at work tonight, your the best mum ever!!

much love, Elder Greener.


And letter to his Dad....

Hey Day,
yeah everything is going great! its all good i didnt have time to write last week either so sorry about that.
im glad to see that youse are all doing really well, ive been praying for yous everynight and fasting everyweek so hopefully something good pops up soon.
i bet the missionaries think your the coolest guy. ever since coming  here ive come to really appreciate the members help, so you may not think it but you are a maaaasive help to the elders and sisters. we have this one member dude that always helps us teach. his name is carlos. hes like 40 but has the energy of a 12 year old on easter day, he just doesnt stop haha. he says hello to absolutely everyone he sees even if he doent know them. he goes ´´HELLO MY YOUTH´´ it doesnt make sense but hes really funny haha.
im super jelous about jo coming over, the food here is good but i really miss the food back home, especially fish and chips!!!!!
lots has been happening here, we have heaps of investigators almost ready for baptism so we are really busy and transfers is next week.i hope i stay here a transfer longer cos the people here are awesome.
anyways, hope the family is doing aweome
much love.
elder greener

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