17th March 2015

Pics taken are at .... Nossa Senhora do Monte Serrat 


still in the same place. and elder fender is home now and i have a new brazilian companion elder honório, he has 13 months in the mission

i really mis the 7D dried mango and raspberry bullets!! but what i really miss is hair wax!!! they dont have it here like at all!!

im doing really good!!! leg is pretty much all better now so im not really having dramas with it, probably will start running again this week, me and fender made a goal to run to the chapel and back in 15 mins, but our best is 15:21 so i need to beat it.

ok questions:

1- Best moment this week was probably transfers. President and sister lisonbee gave some really awesome talks about how if you are doing the right thing, the lord will put the right people in your way that YOU need to teach, and actually everything they said which was a miracle in itself haha. my portuguese is slowly getting better

2- worst moment? dunno havent really had a bad momnt, this week has been a little hard because we had a few investigators bail on us and almost noone has been home to teach, but this week will be better

3- well this morning we went to go have a look at one of the beaches, there is like a huge church on one of the coasts so we went there and had a look which was cool, nothing crazy exciting but haha

4- We are teaching quite a few people, one of my favourites is geraldo, 50 year old dude. he says that weve really helped him in a lot of ways and he feels more ready to be baptised now which is great, still need to set a date for him but.

5- hmmm this week i learnt the importance or studying the book of mormon every single day. since transfers things have been a little crazy and me and my new companion, elder honório, have been trying to set up a new system of how we are going to do things and i havent reall had time to study much, and its been making such a huge difference in my day! its been way harder to understand people and to teach aswell. so always study and read!!!

but yea so transfers was last week and i got a new companion, brazilian this time! were getting along really well and working together great too. this week is going to be a lot better cos last week was mainly showing him around the area and stuff like that.

hope everything is going awesome back home

love elder greener!

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