12th October 2015

                                                  me and my last companion, elder felipe

       a melon called Xixi, which literally translates to pee or urine hahaha a made a wicked juice out of it it was so good haha.

yeah conference was so good we watched it yesterday!! we had to wait a week cos the internet heres so bad that we had to download it and watch it the next week but it was so so good.
haha i  loves that talk too about the role of the women. this morning a was studyig the story of the 2000 stripling warriors and the first thing that came into my mind was you. when the strippling warrios say in verse 48 that they doubt not because their mothers knew it. like they wouldnt not have had the faith they had if it wasnt for their mothers, and i thaught that i definantly wouldt be here if it wasnt for you so thank you so much mum.

and yeah me and my new comp are doin so freakin good!! his name is elder long and hes from america haha were doing so well together. but something came up and we werent able to do the baptism on saturday but we have it re marked for this coming saturday so that should be awesome.

haha and im waiting very anxiously for the package haha i bet youve pack it full ave goodies. but it should get here pretty quick yeah??

anyways love yous heaps and heaps, hope yous have an awesome week!!

Much love, elder greener

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