16th November 2015

 i'm so so so so happy that i got to stay here with my comp!! 
but i think this week has been the best week of my mission so far, really. we have found two incredible families here, something that is kinda rare here, and they are doin SO SO well. One of them is a famly of 4, and the dad is such an awesome person. he is very centralized on his family and has already dropped smoking, drinking and even playing soccer ( like EVERYONE plays soccer here) just to be a better dad and spend more time with his family. i LOVE his family and im so so so gratefull that heavenly father has guided us to people that are actually ready to be baptised. i thaught people like the people i met this week didnt exist!!! but they do!!!!!!!!!! holy heck im so so happy for them. we had both families at church yesterday and they loved church. later on we went round to their houses with the branch pres and they loved him too.
The other family, the dad asked me, ´´i want to join a church to stay, not to leave. i dont want to joke around. what do i need to do to become a follower of jesus christ?´´ i was like HOLY HECK DUDE YOU ARE JUST ASKING ALL THE RIGHT QUESTIONS but i dint really say that haha i just explained to him that i takes a little time to learn all we have to say but if you listen intently and put in practice the things we share with you you wil be able to do just that. he loves all the doctrined of our church and everything, him and his wife are suck lovely people ane he always calls me elder Bill because apparently i look like a famous dude called bill haha.
holy heck im just so happy to work with people that REALy want our help. i have literally never met people like this before and it really is an honour to know and be art of their conversion process. i think it is the blessings of exact obedience.

but thats about it for this week, gotta get flying now but hope yous land back home in safety!!
love yous heaps!!

Love Elder Greener

so i got this wierd thing on my foot, can you tell me what it is?? it like sweats and everything its the weirdest thing

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