9th November 2015

                       in a members bakery!! he lets us eat bread until we cant eat anymore!!
                                      walking to the cemetary on sunday afternoon
                                                             Fried Root!! 

(about new convert) Yeah shes going REALLY good!!! the branch is helping out HEAPS with making her feel welcome in the church, tonight were gonna do a FHE at her place and invite a couple other members so thats gonna be awesome!
and hey were you able to take any photos of yaya and yayo?? i really wanna see em!!

and i bet tom is liking working at toys are us haha its just a big playground there.

and yeah holy heck jake is home!!! thats so so awesome!!! man i miss him so much but i gotta wait aaaages to see him again.

and yeah im staying here thank goodness!! im so stoked that im not getting transfered just yet, we have started up some english lessons and were gona start this saturday, hopefully we have a big turnout, weve been tellinh heaps of people about it!!

bu tthis week was kinda weird. one of our investigators passed aweay due to brain cancer, on saturday. we went to his daughters place (who is a member too) as soon as we found out to try and help her and her family out. deaths here in brazil are really different from back home, i dunno how to explain it but its super weird, like its something TOO normal here. but i didnt really get too sad because i KNOW that he will accept baptism in the spirit world, we had a date and everything already set for him but he passed awsy before we could baptise him.
but other than that the week has been really chill, weve been working super crazy hard and i think heavenly father is testing us at the moment because everything is going super slow.

so not much has really happened this week but hopefully ill be able to write more next week.

hope everyone is good back home

Love, Elder Greener

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