23rd November 2015

                                           enjoying the squid while waiting for the bus!!

                                                      Me and Manoel!!! DISSSSS


first of all this week has been awesome!! our two families are doing SO well! they loved church yesterday!
the first is the family of J and R. they have two kids. a 16 yr old girl called S and a 7 yr old boy called A. they are a super awesome family and usually when we teach them the dad J and S cry, they are super sensetive to the spirit!! and S has been asking questions about a mission too!! im so happy for them.
the second family is A and E. they have a 13 yr old daughgter called A. they too are progressing super well and they have all decided for themselves they want to get baptised.
now our next task is to just get both families married!!
had an incredible experience with fasting last week. A didnt want to get married at all until he has his own house, like a ´´man´´ thing or something haha. well me and my comp did a fast for the lord to touch his heart and change his mind about waiting to get married intil he got his own house. well we fasted on tuesday and didnt go to their place until thursday. when we went, we started with a prayer, and the first thing his wife said was Ive got news!! we are going to get married!!
hahaha holy heck i almost fell out of my chair i was so speechless!! he was SOOOOOO set on waiting till he got his own house!! so now they are making plans to get maried. thats how bad they want to get baptised!! such an awesome experience! sometimes He answers prayers Super fast, and sometimes not so fast haha. in this case it was so dang quick i was speechless haha.

but thats about it for this week , ill keep you posted on everyone next week!!

love yous all!!

Elder Greener

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