3rd November 2015

This is Josi, weve been working with her for about 5 months

                         the baptismal font, a little different from back home

do you know who doctor robert ray is? or mr. hollywood? Hes from  america and hes a SUPER famous dude here in brazil, hes like the best plastic surgeon and works on all the super famous people yeah but hes like 50 hahaha
and hes a member too he came and visited us in our little branch yesterday and EVERYONE wanted photos of him haha. i had never even heard of the guy before yesterday but ye REALLY liked me and my companion haha....he kept his glasses on. and he was like really encouraging me to go to harvard uni because he studied there and apparently they like live people from over seas and like return missionaries and stuff he was bron her in brazil and some mormons adopted him and took him back to the states.  he said hes got like 3 houses in aus.
and he was like telling me about his patriarchal blessing and everything. me and my comp taught gospel principles and we were able to teach him and his friends and like almost the whole branch about exaltation was awesome

                                                                  district meeting
                                           waitin to catch the bus into the centro

holy heck thats so good to hear about the packages from sister lisonbee!!!
but yeah when i get them ill take some photos and show yous what i do and dont have.
and thats sucks i was REALLY looking foreward to some american snacks hahaha ill just have to eat my companions hahaha.

but we finally had a baptism this week like you saw in the photo!! was super cool and the investigator even made a HUGE cake that everyone loved, it lasted just over five mins hahaha everyone destroyed it haha. we worked super hard to bet a lot of people to the baptism and there was a really good turnout, i was so happy with all the members for helping us support the new member, shes fitting really well in the branch now its awesome.
but now we have to work super hard for more people to baptise!!
one of our investigators in the hospital at the moment. he has a brain tumour and he doesnt even know, only his family knows and they dont want to tell him because he will stress and make its worse. it so sad and we went to go visit him on saturday night. hes like is a really weird state, hes like sleeping but hes still moving the half of his body that isnt paralysed, he doesnt react to anything, i think the tumor is eating his brain, nt sure but we are going to visit him again tomorrow. his daughter sits there in  a little plastic chair next to him every night sleeping in the chair, i think we'll bring her som lollies of snacks and spend a bit of time with her there, shes really needing it.

but i love you guys so so much, hope everythings good back home!!

Love, Elder Greener

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