28th September 2015

my companion is getting transfered so we spent our last day working with the branch president. was awesome!!

Haha yeah we had a zone conference but for some reason we didnt go, i think we got forgotten because we are is such a far area hahaha!

this weeks been super crazy. on friday we had a full day planned but then we had to drop literally everything when we got a call from one of the secretaries saying that theres a list of less actives that we had to visit. so we dropped everything and caught the first bus to the city center which it kinda far away. so we hunted for these less actives (oh and the list is about 10 years old too) from like 1pm to 7pm without finding a single one of them. haha we walked in the 38 degree heat for 6 hours without stopping or sitting once it was a crazy day. but blessings come from acting quickly. when we got the phonecall to visit the people we dropped everything straight away and hopped on the first bus. and on the bus we met the son of one of the dudes that brang the church to my area from são paulo. hes a less active kid and we set an appintment to go visit him this week so that was an awesome blessing from acting quickly.

but sadly the baptisms fell through. i already emailed dad why and it sucked but we will keep working with them.

anyways toninght im going to salvador cos my companion is getting transfered!! so should be good to see everyone at transfers tomorrow and get a new companion, even though i wanted to stay with my current companion haha.

anyways i gotta get going and get this bbq prepared its gonna be awesome, ill try send photos next week!!

Love yous heaps

Elder Greener

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