14th September 2015

Hey Mum,
well i just wanted to thank you for this email. to be honest, if i wasnt here on the mission and i got an email like this i dont know if i would have received it very well. but as i am here learning so many imporant thingsi can definantly see that the things you do for me and the kids are out of love. its like coming on the mission has taken this fog out of my mind that was blocking a lot of good things and blocking me from thinking straight. but now its like that fog is being taken away and my eternal perspective is getting massive. I have been reading my patriarchal blessing a lot lately and contemplating on being a good missionary or an extraordinairy missionary. its not something easy for me, because sometimes i have thoughts like ´´if i completely devote myself im just going to turn into a robot peter preisthood with no sense of fun or anything like that´´. but then on the other hand i really cant survive as a missionary without the miracles that come through exact obedience. im so thankfull to have parents like  you that fully know what they need to do in order to enter the celestial kingdom, but not only know but also act on what they know. im so thankfull that you a willing to do what you have to do in order to receive the blessing of the lord mum. like i cant even explain how thankful.

But this week has been alright. one of our main investigators that was progressing told us she doent want to take any more lassons and canceled her baptism date. she has a boyfriend that is married to another woman and has some kids with her and he is like sustaining our investigator because she is out of work. oh and the wife of her boyfriend doesnt know about her, but the sisters of the wife know about it??? hows that for a situation. so baisically she decided that after we taught her about the Law of chastidy. so that really sucke this week.
But our other main investigator is still progressing heaps!! one sunday she didnt feel comfortable with the clothed she was wearing compared to the  other women there so out of nowhere she decided to change her wardrobe in accordance to the church dress standard. shes and awesome lady and im stoked for her baptism.
But me and my companion are doing really well, im learning so much stuff from him its like my heads gonna explode, but he says im getting a lot better a everything now which is great.
yesterday i gave a talk in sacrament after oneof the talkers bailed so i had to make up the talk pretty much on the spot, luckily it was only 7 mins haha. but i think i learnt more from the talk than the members, i talked about obedience and exact obedience and shared the story of when nephi had to go back to jerusalem to get plates, and that the results of his exact obedienece were miracles. 
we have set some great goals for next week that we are going to put to the test and im gonna give EXACT obedience a go too. this week is going to be difficult but i want the blessing of the lords so it should be great.

anyways i hope th family is doing great and all is well back home.
love yous heaps

Elder Greener

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