21st September 2015

                      me and my comp at the bottom of this huge bridge called Mettalic Point

                                  service project at a members place!!

                                  Went we went to salvador to see the apostle!!
after the meeting we went on splits with the zone leaders. working in a tri conpanionship is pretty sweet!!

                                            climbing the nextdoor neighbours guava tree haha.

Yeah ive been very thouhtfull this week and ive really been trying to change my thought pattern and its really been helping. weve had a really awesome week this week. weve been so freakin busy we havent even had time to visit all the people we made appointments for!! but its good to be busy. haha time is absolutely flying past it feels like yesterday i was in my last area but now its almost transfers again which is crazy.
We had an awesom district meeting this week and we got to meet the new missionary couple that are serving here!! I cant remember their names but they are an awesome couple serving their third mission together. so our district leader is awesome but he is also a certified crazy. hes going crazy to baptise people haha and he gave us a few methods in which we will stsart using to try have more success so hopefully we have more results soon.
Had an aweosm lesson with on of our investigators while i was  on splits with our district leader. i was going to go there and see how she was doing in regards to the word of wisdom, but when we went in i got the impression that i should speak about that another time. we ended up sharing a powerfull lesson about prayer and i invited her so be baptised on the 27 of september. 
so hopefully we should have 2 baptisms this week whick is going to be awesome.

next week is also transfers so ill have to let you know if im going or staying, but ill let you know when i find out!!

Lots of love, 

Elder Greener

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