7th September 2015

Ok so this weeks been pretty crazy!! these has been like the yearly town festival thing and things have been pretty crazy but everyone survived hahaha. im surprised that im able to send emails today because everything is closed today and the internet cafe im in is about to shut pretty soon too.

But we wre teaching an awesome family at the moment, the wife is really progressing well and even asked when she could be baptised before we asked her!! haha so thats awesome.
One of our other investigatore, Clarise, is going kinda good and kinda bad, she was doing really well but recently has been hit with two magor family problems. First was that her cousin got attacked buy a guy with a machete and it all sliced up, was over 20 cuts i think, and second was that her little nepher passed away. so were really trying to be there for here at the moment.

havent really done anything new this week, today we were gonna go to the center of the city but seeing as everything is closed were gonna wait untill next week.

at the moment im studying Ether and about the brother of jared, awesome dude with like a freakin ton of faith.

and yeah we are still getting fed every single day, if a member is rostered to give us lunch but cant they give us a bit of cash to buy lunch!! and every pday we have lunch in a members restaurant, and she specialises in cooking sheep!! haha its aweosme and we dont even have to pay.

this week i was reading in Nephi when they leave jerusalem and come to the river and Lehi was like ` laman and lemuel yous should be like these rivers and valleys, firm and steadfast. really thaught that that applies to everybody because we too should be firm and steadfast, letting our example show through living the gospel because miracles really happen because of our example that we show.

but yeah hope everything is going great back home
!! love yous heaps!!!!

Love Elder greener

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