31st August 2015

Awesome your gonna have to let me know how the camp went!! i remeber year 9 camp with peter moyes haha was great.

And thats an awesome caling i bet you two are gonna do great, gona have to do something about facebook but haha thats gonna be a big problem, i found that food usually gets attention pretty good haha.

and i just sent them an email today!! they wrote me a whole back but id forgot to write back. and yeah i got the talks you sent me!! havent had a chance to print them off but so hopefully i can do that soon.

But this week has been SOOO good. Apostle Neil Anderson cambe and visited and gave us a special training session, just for the missionaries. And it was actually two missions together, my mission and salvador south mission. super crazy. i even got to shake his hand!! haha was pretty funny he speaks spanish, france and prtuguese, so when he was giving the training we was speaking a little bit of all three hahaha.
But ive been learning heaps with my new companion. like heaps and heaps. hes teaching be to focus on building the investigators testimony, because he doesntlike when someone gets baptised and leaves the church, so we really help our investigators have a strong testimony before they get baptised.
Investigators are going great, one lady called Clarise is doing awesome and we are helping here stop drinking and smoking, and also we are working with a family, i cant remember all theyre names but the wife is calles Danialla and they are going awesome too.
I gave a talk yesterday at church and i think it went ok, because its a small branch i was teaching them you they can get involved in missionary work and that missionary work actually works when the members help.
and my new companion is awesome, hes got 11 months but hes as good as a 2 yeat missionary already, hes from Cabo Verde in Africa and his name is Elder Teixeira, super awesome and funny guy ill try send some photos. and right now im like 9 hours from salvador, but from the litle city in my area im like 30 mins so its no too bad. 

BUt yeah thats abou it for this week, hope everything is going awesome back home!! Love you guys heaps!!!

Love, Elder Greener

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