24th August 2015

So yea i ended up getting transfered ): kinda sucks cos i really liked my old area, but i got transfered to an area called Paulo Alfonso, its like an island kinda thing. But the first week here has been so so so good. we have a whole bunch of investigators here and some some of them are progressing so well im so happy for them.
ahaha and for some reason i was feelingl like i was gonna get transfered too, the whole week before transfers i had the feeling. but now im here and everything is going really well, members here are awesome and everything. its just a small branch though, not very many members. next week i have the 30 min talk hahaa. i going to teach the branch how they can involve themselves in missionary work, should be great!
im teaching a young married couple at the moment the importance of families. they are so awesome, and whats better, i was able to make rferences to you and dad how yous have been awesome examples to me because of the gospel of jesus christ!! was a really awesome lesson.

but hey dont have to much to write now, ill try send some photos next week]]Love yous heaps!!!!

Elder Greener

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