27th July 2015

1- This week has been really good!! weve found a couple more investigators that have been progressing like crazy and have been waiting for us to teach them more, they are loving all the gospel principles that we are teaching (and they always give us food after a lesson too haha) 

2- Well last week we went to santo amaro and went to a a waterfall in like the jungle of something, it was awesome. luckily i was wearing thongs because most of the walk was throuh mud and we had to walk across the river for someparts too, but when we got there we chilled for a bit i ate a bunch of mangoes that i bought previously and then we headed back  cos we didnt want to miss the bus haha.


4- I have really learnt that you need to pray with all your faith when you want something from heavenly father. sometimes when i pray, there is that little doubt like ´´when will he answer? i bet its going to be ages before he answers my prayers´´ but i decided to get rid of these thought absolutely and the results have been amazing, in some cases i have recieved answers almost instantly and i am so thankfull that i am learning to have more faith.

5-  and i have been studying the Book Of Enos a lot this week, which has lead me to learn that i have written above, so greatfull for the example of Enos, and that if we really pray with faith in jesus christ we will receive.

but hey i better get going, i got a huge lunch today with a bunch of other missionaries so im stoked for that haha. ill let you know how it goes next week.

Much love,

Elder greener

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