Setting apart and Departure day has finally come

15th December 2014 is 'D' day (Departure day)

True to form...james left packing till last minute.  We were throwing things into his suitcases and hoping we had everything he needed!  Too late now!
We met with President Brodie at the Warwick Chapel to be set apart as a missionary. A few of his friends where also able to be there which made it all that more special for him.
Some of the things that were said in his blessing were...

It was time to head to the airport.  It was a long anxious wait for that time to come where he would walk through those gates.  In the meantime, he was surrounded by family and friends wanting to say their last 'seeya laters'.  There was a mix of happiness, sadness, excitement, nervousness, and maybe a bit of shock that this was it!  The day that he actually leaves us.  The day that he starts a new chapter in his life - without us.  The day that his faith and commitment is actually pushed to its limits.  At anytime he could have said no, I don't want to go, I've changed my mind, this is too hard, I have too many things going for me back home..but he didn't.  He walked through those doors knowing with all his heart that this is what he is meant to be doing.  He left that day forgetting about himself and wanting to serve others -people that he has never even met.  What an amazing young man he is! We love him and will miss him terribly but so incredibly proud of him.  Take care of our boy, Brazil!


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