15th January 2015

"tracting was fretty fun!! the dumped us at a mestro station so it was really hard to speak to anyone os they were all so busy and had places to go. everyone speaks so flippin fast here so i didnt understand much but me and my compaion gave away 3 book of mormons its was awesome. an old inacvtive bloke saw us and got us a nice cold can of guarana it was awesome cos it was so dam hot that day.
im so happy to hear that bec and damo are coming to church and having the missionaries thats cool how did lukeys opperation go??
oh yeah and look out for my companions mum elder bratsman just told her about the facebook page so she might be joining it sometime soon.

The elder from fiji just told me that he moved up to geraldton so thats awesome he said he seen nanna bell and tommy there so that was cool. not much went on this week district 49-A left yesterday and this place kinda sucks without them we were like a big family all the sinters and me had a cry yesterday when they left haha. that was the district with elder starnes (i call him elder starnies) and elder fairbanks in it.

hope everything is going great at home im praying for you guys. 

Love elder greener.

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