1st P-Day at the CTM

Elder Greener's first P-Day was spent at the temple in the morning and then shopping for his beloved lollies.  Anyone that knows him will know he has such a big sweet tooth and is always buying and eating lollies.
Across the road from the CTM is a cookie store called 'Mr Cheney's'.  The make cookies, milkshakes, brownies - all things good!
Mr Cheney's have a fabulous little system where parents or friends of missionaries can order these yummies online for their missionary.  They then send the missionary a note to CTM telling them that they have something to pick up...how cool is that! They are pretty expensive but still pretty cool.  They also run under the name of Missionary ties that provide email services for missionaries.  They also offer one free cookie to 'new missionaries'...this free cookie comes with a photo home and a free message sent from your missionary.  Here is my message...

carrying a bagful of lollies!

This was his email to us minus a few personal bits....

"yeah its going great so far holy crap thats a long email!! im not gonna have anywhere near enough time to whrite one that long. but yea elder chastain is in my district and in my same dorm room. haha we are laughing about how crazy mums are.
and thats awesome about the school i didnt expect such big blessings so soo thats cool. and yea i went to mr cheneys today they you should have gotten my message by now i think. its really cool they give you a free cookie there on your first week. but yeah its actually a cookie shop and let you use the missionary ties service for free the first time.
awesome im going to have a look for the photos when i get back into my room. im all the way on the 5th floor and we cant use the elevators.
oh yea and im goint to ge callin you on christmas at around 11;30 am sau paulo time so i dont know what that would be there.
sorry i actually cant send any photos yet we cat use the mtc ones for flash drives or anything like that, kinda dumb. can you send me more photos of sam? i really miss him a lot.
dont really miss much else from home yet, maybe in the next few weeks but yea.

anyways i gotta go only had like 30 mins to email."

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