About Elder Greener - Pre Mission

James is the eldest of 5 children...born 1 week early and HUGE!
James has always been a kind and thoughtful kid.  Always wanting to make people happy.  He's always been happy and funny.  He may come across as shy at first but anyone who knows him, knows he's not like that at all.  He loves animals, water sports and fun adventures.  Friends are very important to him and hangs out with them alot - we joke about his 'Bro dates' - every thursday they would go to Kulcha for dinner....aww sweet....
He is an apprentice electrician with 2 years left before he's fully qualified.  He has a wonderful boss who has gladly put his apprenticeship on hold until he returns from his mission.  Here are a few pics of James growing up....

old friends - Sharni, James, Amberlee and Kiandra
more cousins - L-R: Michael, Reuben, Katrina holding baby Maddi, Aaron, James, Jess,Damien with Tommy and Sharni

He loves his cousin Matt - best buds 
his buddy Spencer

he loves bugs
With Nanna Dickens

baptising his friend Cian was a wonderful day

partners in crime - literally - (another story)

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