21st January 2015

hahaha ok well ive only got like 6 more days here!!! i leave next teusday.
and nah we dont really have any cool stories yet, weve only been tracting once so far.
during the day we dont really have time for fun because we are alwasy so freaken busy its actually crazy.
im glad that dads been keeping busy that pretty cool and im really glad the ward has been helping out bec and damo, can you send me some pics of lukey later??
if your plannung on buying something theres no point because today is my last p-day and i wont be able to collect it haha so let nanna and uncle adrian know!!
oh and hey was warren gotten his call back yet???

not much has been happening here. everyday is pretty much the same so i dont have much to tell you. when i get out into the feild next week ill be able to tell you a lot more so i guess untill then!!

much love.

elder grener

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