8th January 2015

"hooooly smokes so wazza finally put his papers in that made me cry a bit im so happy for him. your gonna have to keep my updated on that but ill probs be out of the mtc by the time he gets it. but yea things are going great here. im picking up the language fairly quick, aroung night time class is when my brain tries to shut off so the last few hours of the days uually suck. today we went to sao paulo temple it was so awesome. i cannott beleive how different brazil is it was about a 45 min ride to the temple and the whole time i had my eyes glues outside. i feel like ive been so sheltered for my whole life in australia. im starting to figure out why i have been to brazil after seeing a lot more of it today.
on froday we are going proselyting which is awesome. haha missionaries usually come back with crazy stories, one of the sisters almost got snogged by a drunk dude when she went and some elders tried to give a book of mormon to a lady and she went crazy and took ALL her clothes off and started running around hahaha.

and yea played a few pranks but its all good now it wasnt anything serious haha.

but so its pday today and im about to go to the lolly shop down the road. also do you reken you could send some hair wax?? they dont have any here!!! that would be awesome.

hope the family is doing really good im keeping yous in my prayers!!!

Lover, Elder Greener.

another email to his Dad..

yea feeling like a missionary now its pretty crazy. this friday im going trackting which im pumped for. the missionaries always come back with crazy stories it should be great.
and yea i am feeling a whole lot smarter nowhaha im starting to think in portuguese.
and thats great abouth sharnis driving i thought it would never happen haha.

but yeah ive been keeping you in my prayers i went to sao paulo temple today which was great lots and lots of things to see on the trip there. i feel like im ready to leave the mtc.

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