16th February 2015

"at the moment we are living of fruit because is so cheap!!! last week i got a watermelon for 10 reals!! ($5)
but yeah i was talking to the mission president the other day, president lisonbee, and he said he needs me to do some electrical work for him soon haha so thats pretty cool.

i feel like it ws just yesterday that i was at the beach with sam and texting friends and doing the usual dumb things i did!! time is going really fast!!
the only time ive been sick so far was when i got a real bad fever in the mtc, havent had the runs yet!!
on my second day on the feild my first pair of shoes exploded hahaha. but im wearing those hush puppies now and theyre doing pretty good.
it's so flippen hot!! dont know the temperature but everyday you just sweat and sweat its great haha.
ive been writing to jacob, not last week cos i ran out of time but almost everyweek.
language is going really well. like pres said if i study the gospel then the language will come so thats what ive been focusing on. still really hard to understand what people say but cos they speak so flippen quick!!
just on friday we were having lunch with a member. about a week ago her mum passed away. after lunch we shared  short message about the atonement of christ and i bore testimony to her that i know we can return to live with our heavenly father and our families. cant really remember what else i said but she was crying and it must have really helped her cos she seemed more at peace. she thanks us profusely and gave us some home made geladinhos her whole freezer was full of them hhaha.
on an average day, wake up, run for 20 mins, get back, eat whatever i can, study until 12, have lunch with members at 12 and then we go and teach and proselite until 9 pm. its a lot of walking!!

much love, 
Elder greener

Pics of his area 

outside Sao Paulo Temple while at the MTC

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