9th February 2015

thats so awesome that everyone is coming home now time goes so dam quick!!
but yea i love the beans here they are way different for the ones back home! i really miss apricot chicken curry and chille con carne!
oh i bet sharni is packing her pants haha, is she gonna go on a mish?? im trying to convince here i hope she does. im glad that shes got a good group of friends to hang out with.
well the area is absolutely crazy, theres like a billion motorbikes and its just hectic. all the ´houses´ are stacked up like 4-5 storeys high and you dont have to be qualifid to build haha. we are basically in the hood its awesome, and fruit here is so cheap!!! i got like 40 bananas last week for 5 reals, wich is like $2.50, its so aweosme and with every meal we have the members make home made fruit juice.
and we are like 30 mins from the mission, home there is an  area thats like 16 hors away by bus!!
for breakky we usually jusy eat fruit or bread, this morning we got fed bya little old member lady that liives across the street, whe made the best lunch for us the other day all the foor almost didnt fit on the table!! we usually have like feijoa, rice, spaghetti, fruit and like some kind of meat dish. we have lunch with members everyday cos thats the main meal here but we just have what ever we can make for dinner. last week elder fender tried to make spaghetti, it didnt go so well, ill send you a pic.
hmmm highlight was probably we i founf a lady outside her house and told her that we had an important message to share, i asked if she had time to hear and she let us in. so we taught her and her family and they seem really interested.
havent had a bad time this week at all but everything is just going awesome!!
hahaha last week i got a haircut for 5 reals too, which is like $2.50, by some random guy in some random street. its a very interesting haircut but its not that bad.
and i dont really have any pictures to send anyways!!! because we dont have time to really take pics. but i have some of the appartment, if thts whatt you can call it, some of the mtc and yeah so ill send thosse. and hey do you know if its possibe to get like a pocket book of mormon in english?? i reeealy need one to be able to take around with me.
oh yeah and here people pimp out theyre bikes with like big sound systems haha not their motor bikes but their bycicles hahaha its awesome.

so yea ill send a couple pics that i have.

much love, 
elder greener

Email to his dad...

'ive been concentrating on learning the lessons and studying the scriptures more and ive found that the language just comes more and more every day. 

but yea brazil is awesome we meet so many crazy people and so many nice people too. you would love it here the most dominant cars are VW´s and fiats, honestly like every day i see about 10 VW beetles and vand they are absolutely everywhere here. my typing is absolutely shocking because i have to type so fast i hope it all makes sense haha.

hope evrythings going good back home youse are all in my prayers.

Lover elder greener

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