2nd February 2015

hey so yeah im finally in savador!!!
the flight wasnt too long only like 2 hours. but nah we got taken to our house thing that night.
and yeah that would be awesome!!! so you knw what one to get yeah? a small one just like yours but with out the button closure. i got a custom made scripture case made in sau paulo for like $30 australian.
ANd  yea ive got my new companion his name is eler fender and hes from america. Hes an awesome trainer but!! brazil is crazy here. there are like no rules. there are people riding motorbikes evrywhere and cars are crazy here everyone just walks on the road and theres this one dude that rides a horse i have no ider how he keeps it haha. he houses here are all so so tiny and there are like stacked up 4-5 storeys. people can reach out theyre windows and grab the power lines its like a spider web.
and yea i will send pics but i cant right now im running out of time cos my comp needs to do something and i dont think i can from this computer;
bomfim is crazy!! the litte place we are staying in didnt even have running water for the first 4 days haha had to use a bucket and a cup it was awesome.theres a little old member lady abcross the road that gives us water shes really cool.
love you more hope things are going awesome back home!!!!!!

Lover Elder Greener

and another on the same day (he recieved a whole bunch of emails due to him missing pday the week before)

holy heck so many emails!! 
im realy happu for lukeys operation thats awesome!!
but yeah ive written back to yaya and yayo already they are doing awesome it was good to hear from them.tell to to shave it off its worse than mine haha.
super stoked about sharnis job too thats awesome i hope she decides to put her papers in.
and im really ticked about warrens papers not comiing in yet i want to know where he goes!!
i glad that everything is goig good for hime, can you telkll him to email me??
but yea like i said i have an awesome trainer. and nah i havent received any packages or any letters at all!
Starting to miss you guys now and i hope sams ear gets better!! 

Much Love

Elder Greener

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